Since its founding, Yida has rooted for the younger generations entering our industry, working beside universities and research centers, cultivating talent and leading joint research and development programs. For the last few years, Yida has been going beyond this, nurturing the design and evolution of the machines that can train the next generation.

In an age when multi-axis machining has become standard, we have teamed up with ITRI and SwissMak on the development of two distinct training machines suitable for vocational centers and schools at all levels. Through hands-on practice, students gain familiarity with multi-axis machining, tools, controllers, and G-codes.

Yida x ITRI

The TC100 Intelligent Multitasking Platform has three top features:

  1. It provides a virtual machining platform.
  2. It's a multitasking machine.
  3. It's an open platform.

The TC100 is an intelligent multitasking turning center and an education and training platform with several key benefits:

1. Value-added software and graphical human-machine interface (HMI)
  • 7 major types of tool data
  • Online CAD/CAM application
  • Graphically-controlled HMI, easy operation and didactic software application.
  • Tool monitoring and management

2. Immersive education field construction

  • Educational 3D cutting simulation provides interactive learning experiences and prototype testing
3. Multitasking Control Function
  • Advanced multitasking CNC function, such as turning, milling, drilling, boring and tapping
  • The servo turret provides 9 tool positions device application
  • High-precision CS spindle so the workpiece is easy to manufacture.
  • GM Code is compatible with Fanuc controllers.

Yida x SwissMak

The MT-210 runs in several control modes, including Lathe Mode, 4 Axis Milling Mode, Horizontal Machining Mode, and 3+2 Mode. With a user-friendly enclosure, every side provides access and visibility through full-sized see-through window-doors. Users can watch their parts being machined from any angle which is perfect for students learning about multi-axis machining.

The MT210's key features are:

  1. Touchscreen Control System
  2. Rigid tapping, spindle indexing, and threading on all rotary axes
  3. Runs on 220 volt single phase residential/commercial power
  4. A, B C, rotary axes are directly driven by large harmonic gears-no backlash
  5. Full tailstock subspindle. Useful for precise back work transfers without needing realignment
  6. 18 Station tool Turret that can be indexed by CNC control but which can also be operated manually via a handwheel on the back side.