We'd like to share some great news with you today! 

After nearly a year of hard work and cooperation with universities and pioneers across the industries, 
the "Fully Digitized Intelligent Multitasking Machining Center Development Project" led by Yida,
as won the sponsorship funding by the Industrial Development Bureau. 

The project consists of innovation development in areas such as, AIOT, tool monitoring, information security, our PLM System, modular design and industry standards.

Special thanks to National Formosa University, National Taiwan University, Chunghwa Telecom, Lean Smart Automation System, Parkson Wu Industrial and Chi Liang for cooperating with us. 

As Dr. Pu has stated in the meeting, "Sharing is the fastest way to learn, and it is also the core value of our Y Team." 
Let us look forward to the sparks created by the Y Team!