In 2017, the owner of a factory that manufactures automotive parts in Czech Republic wished to build a one-man factory in order to minimize the factory’s dependence on human labor. After several months of searching, the owner decided to work with Yida. The project was especially challenging since automotive part processing require high precision. With this goal and uncompromised precision in mind, Yida gathered a team of senior engineers to design the automation production line.

Process and Challenges

Yida designed 3 sets of ML-560S lathes with gantry loaders to work on part processing. However, the real challenge was to apply an Auto Flushing System, a Laser Measuring System and an Auto Offset Compensation System in the manufacturing process.

In the beginning, using water to clean the parts was our first approach. until we found that water droplets would interfere with laser measurement. In the end, Yida decided on a pneumatic flushing system which required very specific placement of the air blow holes.


3 Yida’s ML-560S with gantry loaders, an Auto Flushing system, a Laser Measuring System and an Auto Offset Compensation System.

Results and Conclusion

It took Yida five months to finish the project. With numerous challenges overcome, and a couple of visits to Czechia to help with the installment, the automation production line is still running precisely and smoothly to this day.

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