In recent years, Yida has shifted our business model from pure manufacturing to offering services first. In order to provide our customers with better service, we apply AR (Agmented Reality) to the sales and marketing of our machines and after-sales services so that remote technical support and precise after-sales are unleashed.

AR in After-Sales Service

After-sales services play an important role in ensuring machine performance, reducing downtime, and keeping up with production schedules. Therefore, lots of customers consider proactive and instant after-sales services a big factor when purchasing machines.

With increasing complexity of machine tools and the difficulties for our staff to travel abroad to install or maintain machines due to the pandemic, we have started wroking with National Formosa University in building a remote collaboration platform hoping to bring better after-sales experience.

Here's a scenario of a customer using our AR app when encoutering an error:

Once the customers receive an error alert, they can scan the QR code to indentify the machine's online troubleshooting documentation and generate the corresponding situation's solution. Standard operating procedures are displayed on a virtual screen, through the use of a wearbale head-mounted device, the customers are able to follow the steps and troubleshoot the errors.

AR in Marketing

A machine tool can easily weigh more than a ton so it's costly to transport. Moreover, the limitation of space at an exhibition booth often makes the hassle seem not worthwhile. With the help of the company, Lean Smart Automation System, Yida developed an AR app that allows uers to see the machine at full scale. The users are able to access the app anywhere around the world and see how the machine actually looks like at their factories. The app also allows them to choose different optional accessories and learn more about the machine.